My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 years already?

Well June 30th would have been our 4 year anniversary.
My friends were amazing and lifted my spirits all day long and kept me busy!
People ask "Do you feel like you wasted the past 4 years of your life?"
No, I don't.
I have a beautiful son who means the world to me and I learned so much in the good and bad experiences that came with that marriage.
I have started a new journey and looked at things differently.
Now, instead of it being "well, it would have been 4 years" I'm saying "Wow, it's been 4 years since I got to see these wonderful friends of mine, since I got to focus on me, since I got to really spend time with my family!"
I'm trying to stay positive every step of the way and yes, we have hit a few bumps along the way the past 2 months but were hanging in there!
If y'all pray I'm asking you keep J and I in your prayers for a whole week!
J goes to stay with his Daddy and his family till Monday and at first it was a good thing. I want him to know his daddy and to see him as much as possible seeing were in different states. But unfortunately this is no longer a happy time. His dad has made the decision to no longer follow God, drink, party, curse, see certain females that I won't go into detail about for the sake of their husbands, heard me correctly lol. Not a good situation at all.
I'm nervous and disgusted that I have to leave him with him.
Good thing is I will be literally right down the street.
I don't know how J will take to his daddy after 2 months but I'm crossing my fingers things go smoothly.
But one thing I know for sure...his daddy needs my prayers and yours that he gets his life straight soon.

Now on another note: my weight hasn't changed too much because I got sick :/
I did just start on the 30 day jump start book with the biggest loser!!!
Well, kind of haha.
I started the excercises but will start the diet once I return from vacation on Monday.
If you can get this book I suggest it!!!!
I will let you know every week how the process is going!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Frustrated! Help!!

Okay so I have tried to comment on so many of your lovely blogs and it's stressing me out!!!
I write my comment then it says "select account" so I click google account then enter. It goes to the blogger login page and has me login.
It then shows "anonymous wrote: blah blah blah my comment blah blah" then asks me to enter in the security code. So I do...then it goes back to the blogger sign in page. I login AGAIN and it goes back to the comment asking for another security code....
Lol is anyone else having this happen??
I just want to comment!!!!