My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 59 (not so wordless wednesday!!)

We have discovered how much J loves helping in the kitchen!
He loves to play with the dishes......while your loading them in the dishwasher lol.
He likes to stir things now as he dips his finger in and licks it....but who doesn't? ;)
And he will close the fridge and cabinets for you once you get what you need!
Very cute! And helpful! lol

By the way I have VERY exciting news....
any guesses???

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 57 (nervous)

Well the day has come.
I have been scheduled for surgery and the nerves are running.
I already posted why I'm so scared so I won't say anything more lol.
Today I found out I will have 4 little scars (just to add to my birthmarks from J) haha
and I can't work out for 2 weeks...
even then can't do anything except treadmill until 4 weeks has passed.
Alot of people have said..
oh my gosh it's a common procedure nothing can go wrong your perfectly fine chill....
but everyone is different.
Surgery's can always go wrong...and being put to sleep can too.
I want to be positive for this whole thing but my nerves aren't allowing me too lol.
So prayers are very much appreciated.

I'm going to take pics of J in his halloween costume thurday and post them just in case I'm not up for it on halloween. I also have pics to post from the corn maze we went to on Saturday!! Sooo much fun! If you haven't been to one go to and look for one in your area!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 55 (weightloss mission)

Okay so I have posted several things about trying to lose weight but only being able to lose 5lbs
and not get any further in progress.
Well, since the husband is gone..and we want to try for another baby sometime next year,
I figured now is the time to get a trainer and lose the weight before he returns and
before we try baby makin again haha.
Trainers are exspensive awesome!
Lol I have gotten my booty kicked and only been twice!
It's hardcore just wish it didn't cost soo much.
I'm only staying with him for 3 months so he can teach me all there is to know and I can memorize a workout routine that works for me.
That way once I head back home I will continue to workout and reach my goals!
My husband isn't too excited about the cost but he is happy because this is the first time I'm spending money on myself instead of everyone else.
He is glad I will gain my self-esteem back and that I will have more energy.
My self-esteem has put a huge burden on our marriage.
So I'm excited for this!
I also want my body to be in shape before I get pregnant again so that I can continue to workout during and after pregnancy and have a better result of losing the baby weight!
Hopefully this time I won't have a 10lb baby though hahaha.
Well, just thought I would let you know why I added a weightloss ticker.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 50!!!!!! (woohoo!!)

Day 50!!
I feel like we have reached a big milestone!
Jayden still remembers him which is great! And were still doing great apart!

Jayden got his first haircut!
It actually wasn't that depressing lol.
We saved some hair in a baggy!
I guess the reason it wasn't too sad is because the lady only trimmed it since Jayden wouldn't sit still at all! At least he didn't cry! Just dodged her every chance he got haha.

(I had the final result pic but it wouldn't dowload...will try again tomorrow)
*Final Result*

Well, this whole blog world is getting depressing.
I rarely ever get any comments now.
Not sure why but it's sad haha.
Is my blog really that bad?!?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 45 (Ultrasound Results..)

So as you should know already...
I was sent in on Thursday to get an ultrasound for the pain I was having in my upper back.
The results were never transferred to the base so I had to go get them myself from the hospital..
Only to find out I have "multiple" gallstones with the largest one being 9mm.
I think they meant to type least I hope lol.
(This isn't my gallbladder but it's an idea of what it looks like with stones)

I am stoked to actually have a doctor find results after 3 years!!!
And I won't have any more pain there!!
But I am extremely nervous.
We have always hoped I would never have to have surgery due to the fact that my body doesn't react the way it should with most meds.

Epidural- couldn't move or feel for 2 days..
Numbing/Sleeping pill for wisdom teeth removal- remember the whole thing and felt every bit
Depo shot- major migraines DAILY
bc pills- skin breaks out

So yes...I'm nervous about being put to sleep.
Everyone is different and who knows...maybe it will work just fine.
All I can do is just pray God protects me and that he guides his hands correctly.
I find out tomorrow who my doctor will be and hopefully when the surgery will be taking place.
This is one of those moments where I wish the hubby was right by my side instead of miles away overseas. Lots of prayers please.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 41 (Punkin Patch!!)

Today we went to my Aunt Imagene's funeral.
It's funny because two days ago I mentioned I want everything at my funeral to be pink...
then I see her...
She looked beautiful..her nails were painted pink, her lipstick was pink, her dress was pink, and her casket was pink too!!!!
Absolutely gorgeous!
After the funeral we went to the punkin patch in Floydada Texas (The pumpkin capitol of the world)
HUGE pumpkins!!!
Jayden had a blast and we even bought him a little pumpkin with winnie the pooh on it!
I will let the rest tell the story!

Yes he was trying to pick it up haha!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 40!! ($10,000 Room Makeover!!!)

First off...we made it to the day 40 mark!!
Yay!! Soo glad it feels like it's going by fast!
Now, the sweepstakes!!!!
Partylite is doing a sweepstakes for a $10,000 room makeover!!
Every day there are also drawings for a $50 gift card!!
All you have to do is go to my website and play the game daily for more chances to win!
Enter the code 6XDRPP
I encourage you to shop around too because we have fabulous Fall decor and even a big selection of Halloween and Christmas!!!
We have brownies too ;)

No results on ultrasound until until then..hope everyone has a great 3 or 4 day weekend!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 39 (prayers please)

So over the past 3 years I have had a back injury that comes and goes.
It acted up while on vacation which caused me to go to the E.R. because noone accepted Tricare here.
I was in there for 6 hours yesterday while they did an x-ray, ct scan, blood test, and urine test.
All they found was I have a bacteria inside.
Today they are doing an ultrasound of my gallbladder and kidney because they believe I may have stones inside that are causing back pain and my body just hasn't allowed me to pass them.
I hope it's true so I know what's caused this pain for 3 years...
but I hope it's not because I'm terrified of having surgery and being put to sleep.
So lots of prayers please and I will let you know results later.