My Journey To Being Happy Again

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 55 (weightloss mission)

Okay so I have posted several things about trying to lose weight but only being able to lose 5lbs
and not get any further in progress.
Well, since the husband is gone..and we want to try for another baby sometime next year,
I figured now is the time to get a trainer and lose the weight before he returns and
before we try baby makin again haha.
Trainers are exspensive awesome!
Lol I have gotten my booty kicked and only been twice!
It's hardcore just wish it didn't cost soo much.
I'm only staying with him for 3 months so he can teach me all there is to know and I can memorize a workout routine that works for me.
That way once I head back home I will continue to workout and reach my goals!
My husband isn't too excited about the cost but he is happy because this is the first time I'm spending money on myself instead of everyone else.
He is glad I will gain my self-esteem back and that I will have more energy.
My self-esteem has put a huge burden on our marriage.
So I'm excited for this!
I also want my body to be in shape before I get pregnant again so that I can continue to workout during and after pregnancy and have a better result of losing the baby weight!
Hopefully this time I won't have a 10lb baby though hahaha.
Well, just thought I would let you know why I added a weightloss ticker.

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  1. Good luck! Also, I'm glad you're spending some time and money on yourself. I don't know why, but that always seems so hard to do!