My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 31 (Wordless Wednesday)

Yes I know...his hair is realllly long haha. He's getting his First Haircut this weekend! Yikes lol. I'm soo nervous! He has beautiful curls, I hope he doesn't lose them!
Also, were officially 1 month closer to seeing Daddy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 29 (Amazing friends!)

We have officially made it to 4 weeks!
Doesn't sound like much but to us...that's another 4 weeks closer to seeing the hubby!!

I have realized how many amazing friends I have while going through this deployment! I have also been reunited with alot of highschool friends who obviously haven't grown up.

I was asked to find a babysitter so I could go party...
1. I'm a married woman now
2. I have a child who I take 100% responsibility of
not really sure what some people are thinking now a days lol.

But I have had those who have helped watch my house and send me my mail, mow my lawn, take me to dinner, and watch Jayden so I can catch up on things.
It means so much to me that I have friends like them!
I love every single one and am very blessed!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 25 (precious kisses)

So the first night we tried to do skype it wasn't a success.
Yesterday J had been running around the house looking for Dada
and when someone would say "You get to talk to Daddy tonight!" He would smile and keep saying Dada.
We connected on skype finally after 20 minutes of getting kicked off.
But once J saw him it was precious!
He had the biggest smile and kept touching his face and giving him kisses!
The hubby said it made his day which was nice to hear!
Hope we have many more of those to come!
And it was great knowing J still hasn't forgotten him!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 23 (SKYPE!!/hospital)

I am SOO excited right now!
We are already a little over 3 weeks down! I get to talk to the hubby 2 times a week and then e-mail online as much as wanted.
Tonight I get to go to the MIL house and everyone including J and I get to see the hubby on skype!!
Time has been going by pretty fast and I'm so glad!

On another note:
Remember my hubby's Nana going into surgery and coming out having 2 massive strokes and being paralyzed. Then they told the family to pull the plug because she wouldn't be living very long at all?
Well we are 7 weeks into it and she's doing GREAT!!
Prayer has worked and God is doing miracles. She can squeeze her hands and wiggle her toes, move her neck, and when she laughs she shrugs her shoulders!
All she lost was her motor skills.
She does break down and spell out on the board "Will I ever walk, talk, or go home again?" But she tries to smile alot and make light of the fact that she's still here with us.
Lastnight I broke down though and just realized life can change in a heartbeat and how I would feel if I was in her position.
So live your life to the fullest and tell everyone you love them. Because you never know what tomorrow can bring!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 18 (Texas here we come!!!)

So it is very hard to pack for 5 months with a 1 year old and no help lol.
I had a friend come by to help load the truck and pack the bags after I got everything out and organized.
It was VERY much needed!
Didn't think I would pack that much until I realized I will be going through 3 seasons while I'm there lol.
So in 2 hours we will be on our way to be with family and friends to make this deployment go by faster and easier! J has been noticing change and doesn't want to leave my side.
 Not only am I packing our whole house basically lol but I believe he's noticed Daddy hasn't came back home so he doesn't want me to leave his sight.
He is talking soo much now and pointing to my eyes,nose,mouth, and ears!
Wish Daddy could see it but I know once he gets a computer and sets skype up it will make up for all this time and J will love seeing him I'm sure!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 15 (Lookin spiffy)

So I totally forgot to post this picture from my brother's wedding.
Jayden had a blast being all dressed up then getting to dance on the dance floor with his cousin!
I forgot to get my camera out due to chasing munchkin all over the place lol.
Luckily they newly wed couple got tons of photos for everyone to look back on!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 13 (I hate goodbyes)

So today I knew was going to be a hard one.
My Brother is having to be stationed back in Michigan and I just happened to be on the way so he stopped over night. I made Crockpot Lasagna which is Deeelicious might I add! Then this morning I made French Toast! Yum! Then...we had to say goodbye.
Saying goodbye to the Husband was hard...we know it will be 7 months for a fact. But he's at war.
Saying goodbye to the brother...I know he's safe but we don't know when we will be able to see eachother again. Both of these are hard and unfortunately I had to do both all in 2 weeks.
Not to mention today is a rough day for many..
The 9th anniversary of 9/11
I pray for all the families and friends that lost someone.
And I thank God for those that survived.
Today also marks my Husband's 4th year in the military.
I'm thankful for what he does every day. He's a Hero for our family!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 10

I found out that there has officially been a limit put on phone calls for the guys over there.
He can only call 2 times a week now :(
So now I really hope I don't miss his call late at night lol.
Other than that news the days have been going by REALLY fast and things have been going good!!
Went and played BINGO yesterday with some friends since one of them is moving to Japan and this would be her last time. Of course none of us won but we had a great time lol.
 I got to see an old friend today and her 18 month old daughter!
Didn't get pics but I need too! She is precious and her and Jayden just stare at eachother haha.
(prayers for her, she's going through a seperation)
Also someone test drove the Mustang and put an offer on it!! Yay!
The stress is finally being pulled off my shoulders and it's allowing me to have free time for my son and to spend time with others!
9 more days and I head to Texas for 5 months to be with family Yikes Yay!
Jayden will love being around everyone! And I'm glad I will have people around me so I don't have those akward alone moments where I break down.
Well weirdly enough it's only 9 and I'm sooo exhausted haha. So I'm heading to bed before I write anymore random posts lol. Hope everyone had a Fantastic Labor Day weekend!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 08 one week down! Zoo!

So Saturday was a rough day for me but yesterday made up for all of it!
The hubby wasn't able to talk to me all day and when he was able to finally call...2 minutes into the conersation the phone's got dosconnected and he couldn't explain why.
He was able to call yesterday which was nice!
Not only that but I got to take J to the zoo for the first time!!
I wish I could say I got tons of pictures and he loved it...
but this is what he did half of the time..

He enjoyed playing with the trees when he was under them and he liked sitting on the rails. But other than that the first part we went to see were the big animals...and he didn't really understand it too much he just starred at them lol. He liked the ducks though!
Something cool about this zoo is they train the elephants how to paint!!
I didn't get a picture of it because my camera died but it was very cool and they sale the paintings!

I have to admit..standing this close to a Tiger was VERY scary. The man next to met said "the only reason I'm standing this close is because I'm next to someone I can out run...hahaha THANKS! Lol.
And this monkey...looked cute because it's feet AND hands were propped up on the fence. But I'm sure if anyone got any closer they would spaz out. They had very mean lookin teeth lol.
Now...I have never been soo confused at a zoo lol.
But I always thought kangaroos were dangerous. Are they not?
Explain why they were in an open they were able to walk right next to fence.
All I could think about was being punched or kicked by one hahaha.
But on the cool side...I learned something new! They use their tail to walk! Crazy strength!

And of course...TURTLES!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 05 Makeover

So I'm still new to the whole blogging world but
I finally figured out how to redo my blog without paying!!
How does it look?

Today was a VERY busy day but I had a lovely couple who offered to watch J while I got everything done! So sweet of them! I got everything done with the Mustang and all that needs to be done is take it to get cleaned in the morning then put it on the lot for sale!
Cleaned the whole first level of our home and ran to the bank...where I left me phone and spent 45 minutes at home searching for it haha.
BIG fear of mine when hubby is deployed is to lose my phone.
The first deployment I left it 20 minutes away at a friends only realize I had left it on the top of my car. Found it lying in the middle of a four way stop untouched! Crazy!
They made dinner for me! Yummy chicken wraps!
Once this car is sold I will be able to relax alot more and start focusing on J and God alot more!
Can't wait to increase my relationship with Christ!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 04

He finally called and let me know he made it!
I was able to get his address and hear his voice!
Communication there is hard because there is only 1 computer and limited phone usage.
So he's looking into buying a computer which I hope he does so we can skype and J can see his Daddy!
I was so used to being able to get a daily call from him and e-mails throughout the day when he was in Iraq that when I didn't hear from him for 2 days it was weird.
I have had great support through this and wonderful friends keeping me busy and helping me try to sale our car since that was the hubby's job before he left.
Only 2 more weeks and I will be able to be with family!
Oh my!! I bought about 5 outfits the other day for J during the deployment!
Here is just two of them!!

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