My Journey To Being Happy Again

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 18 (Texas here we come!!!)

So it is very hard to pack for 5 months with a 1 year old and no help lol.
I had a friend come by to help load the truck and pack the bags after I got everything out and organized.
It was VERY much needed!
Didn't think I would pack that much until I realized I will be going through 3 seasons while I'm there lol.
So in 2 hours we will be on our way to be with family and friends to make this deployment go by faster and easier! J has been noticing change and doesn't want to leave my side.
 Not only am I packing our whole house basically lol but I believe he's noticed Daddy hasn't came back home so he doesn't want me to leave his sight.
He is talking soo much now and pointing to my eyes,nose,mouth, and ears!
Wish Daddy could see it but I know once he gets a computer and sets skype up it will make up for all this time and J will love seeing him I'm sure!

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  1. Have safe travels! I hope being with your family makes things easier and more helpful to you.