My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 08 one week down! Zoo!

So Saturday was a rough day for me but yesterday made up for all of it!
The hubby wasn't able to talk to me all day and when he was able to finally call...2 minutes into the conersation the phone's got dosconnected and he couldn't explain why.
He was able to call yesterday which was nice!
Not only that but I got to take J to the zoo for the first time!!
I wish I could say I got tons of pictures and he loved it...
but this is what he did half of the time..

He enjoyed playing with the trees when he was under them and he liked sitting on the rails. But other than that the first part we went to see were the big animals...and he didn't really understand it too much he just starred at them lol. He liked the ducks though!
Something cool about this zoo is they train the elephants how to paint!!
I didn't get a picture of it because my camera died but it was very cool and they sale the paintings!

I have to admit..standing this close to a Tiger was VERY scary. The man next to met said "the only reason I'm standing this close is because I'm next to someone I can out run...hahaha THANKS! Lol.
And this monkey...looked cute because it's feet AND hands were propped up on the fence. But I'm sure if anyone got any closer they would spaz out. They had very mean lookin teeth lol.
Now...I have never been soo confused at a zoo lol.
But I always thought kangaroos were dangerous. Are they not?
Explain why they were in an open they were able to walk right next to fence.
All I could think about was being punched or kicked by one hahaha.
But on the cool side...I learned something new! They use their tail to walk! Crazy strength!

And of course...TURTLES!!


  1. Yay for one week down :) I love the zoo. Great pics.

  2. One week down! Good job! I know weekends were the toughest for me so hang in there. The trip to the zoo looks fun! Love the new blog look!