My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 10

I found out that there has officially been a limit put on phone calls for the guys over there.
He can only call 2 times a week now :(
So now I really hope I don't miss his call late at night lol.
Other than that news the days have been going by REALLY fast and things have been going good!!
Went and played BINGO yesterday with some friends since one of them is moving to Japan and this would be her last time. Of course none of us won but we had a great time lol.
 I got to see an old friend today and her 18 month old daughter!
Didn't get pics but I need too! She is precious and her and Jayden just stare at eachother haha.
(prayers for her, she's going through a seperation)
Also someone test drove the Mustang and put an offer on it!! Yay!
The stress is finally being pulled off my shoulders and it's allowing me to have free time for my son and to spend time with others!
9 more days and I head to Texas for 5 months to be with family Yikes Yay!
Jayden will love being around everyone! And I'm glad I will have people around me so I don't have those akward alone moments where I break down.
Well weirdly enough it's only 9 and I'm sooo exhausted haha. So I'm heading to bed before I write anymore random posts lol. Hope everyone had a Fantastic Labor Day weekend!!

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  1. I'm glad things are starting to look up. I swear it takes a couple of weeks to find your groove and start to feel better.
    I HATE that you're limited on communication. It truly sucks. Maybe it's a great excuse to go back to old fashioned hand written letters. I loved getting mail from my husband while he was gone. He didn't write as much as I did. I wrote him every couple of days.
    Good luck with the move!