My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, February 27, 2012


Took 8 months but it's finally completed and can now go on my resume!

Monday, February 13, 2012

tomorrow, tomorrow, I LOVE you tomorrow!!!


Can't believe I have been in this world for 23 years. Makes me realize how much time I've wasted. Had some amazing times, great experiences, had a child, been married, moved to another state for the military, been divorced, terrible experiences, all in 23 years. That's crazy to me! But it was all for a reason. And I am who I am now because of it!
One thing I'm extremely grateful for is family this year. I don't think I would be as strong as I have been if it wasn't for them. I would be jumping house to house in MO and I would be lonely, depressed, angry, and giving up in every way. Yes, my family has been able to annoy me with not understanding me at times and not being patient. But they also haven't been in my shoes. Some have been divorced, but not with a child. Some have experienced living back with the parents, but not after living on your own for 4 years then coming back and having to adjust to someone else's home and add a child to the mix. Lol there's alot of things I've experienced the last year that most of them haven't...but as much as they need to understand that they don't "know" what I am going through, I have been able to understand that I need patience to allow them to irritate me because they don't fully know. They "bother" me because they love me. Every bit of encouragement I get from them brings me to tears now because I hadn't heard much of it until I started this adventure on having to start my journey over. I couldn't do this without them. So this year...year my chance to love on my family and show them how much I appreciate them. Not only that but I'm going to start my career this year and give my son what he deserves and that's a home to call our own!!
So, here's to a bigger, brighter year and becoming 23!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ahhhh relief!

I finally completed my online Medical Billing & Coding course!!
I will recieve my completion certificate by this weekend hopefully!
I have to say, I dreaded doing work the last 5 months of it because it got boring, hard, confusing, and my mentor didn't call me ONCE to give support or help when I needed it. I won't suggest that school for any military wife. But I'm very thankful I have something I finished and can make my resume pretty lol.
Now the stress is gone and I can focus on Dental Asst school! I'm in week 3 and STILL loving it!! Got to work in a few classmates mouths this week which was interesting. And of course, I offered to take my exam first which led to me being the test dummy patient for all the other students to take their test with. We were doing Fluoride treatments but with whipped cream. So I'm pretty sure I ended up with alot of cavities that day haha. I only have 6 more days until I've completed my first Mod...can you believe that?!? It went by SO quickly and I will be a dental junior and no longer a dental baby! Woohoo!!

Now, the dreaded word....anxiety

J has been decent this past week with his attacks. Well, ALOT better than it was 2 weeks ago. The Therapist said she is at a loss as to what to do because he's too young for her to communicate with. She is looking into finding a Play Therapist and I'm crossing my fingers that it works. Because if not, were starting from point A again. I have had alot more patience with it and so has he. We made a huge step in him actually going to the naughty chair twice in one day and not even complaining!! Yes, I know, that has to do with his normal 2 year old tantrums...but it's a way of getting him to calm down and notice he's in the wrong which can also help with his anxiety attacks.
So the lovely holiday is coming up. Valentine's Day! Some hate it, some can't wait because they have a hot date! Me on the other hand, it's an iffy day lol. Why? Because it happens to be the day my Mother gave birth to me! Exciting because it's my Birthday, but unless I have a's awkward because most everyone else is celebrating with their loved ones. My ex husband never made it too special anyways so I'm not depressed to be alone this year. BUT this year I have awesome friends who are wanting to spend the weekend with me and Valentine's Day to celebrate! Definitely looking forward to it! I'll be 23....yikes!! That age makes me cringe because it sounds so old haha.