My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, November 29, 2010

Homecoming Pics!!!

So we got to spend 2 weeks together before he had to head home (since I'm staying in Texas till my Mom recovers from surgery.)
We made the best of it and even went on a date! It was wonderful having him home.
J didn't remember him so I'm very thankful he was sent home early or it would have been worse. Luckily J warmed up fast and then wouldn't ever leave his side!!

Look at the way J's looking at him...

That's all I got...but very precious moments caught on camera!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

No More Counting!! (And the winner is.......)

So yes I am incredibly behind on picking a winner for the giveaway.
My husband is here and were loving it!
So instead of making you wait...I went to and the winner is Allison!
If your not already a follower of hers you should hop on over there!
She is a mom that I can relate to in many ways and I love her blog!

In a few days...when I'm not busy with my husband or taking care of my mom I will post pics from our homecoming last Thursday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 72 (Corn maze photos!!)

So I figured I would do this post today because tomorrow I will be in the hospital all day as my Mother goes through surgery. Then Thursday my Hubby arrives and that day will be another post of wonderful homecoming pictures!!! Yay!!

We discovered this corn maze online and it was very worth it!
It will be even better next time when he's a year older and Daddy can be there too!
It was HUGE!

My parents and J in the maze!
We mastered the Maze!!!
The great thing about it because it was sooo big is it had a halfway point where you can leave the maze and go do other events or take a break then enter back at the halfway point to finsh off!

This was the cow train!
It was fun for the kids...but the driver kept running into the corn causing grass/leaves off the corn to fly into your eyes the whole ride..
I suggest you wear goggles!! Lol

I can't get this pic to stay straight up...but it's too cute not to post.
This was the baby maze and he thought it was the craziest thing and kept telling his grammie to come to him instead of him finding his way out to her haha!

YUM! They had the most amazing roasted corn there!
He enjoyed every bite of it!

My little Pumpkin!
At last but not favorite picture

J and the grandparents!!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 71

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I have been really busy and therefore extending the dealine till Thursday morning!
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Also: Amazing News!!!!!
The hubby is in the states!!!!!!!!
He got home Saturday morning but due to my surgery and my mother's surgery coming up I wasn't able to be there so I'm just waiting for him to come see us here in Texas!!
I'm soo thankful he was sent home early!
Everything happens for a reason and I know God has a plan and will keep our marriage strong as were seperated for the next 6 weeks while I help my mom recover from surgery
It's hard to know he's home and I can't be there...
but at least he's home and safe now!

Sneak Peek of my next post about our Corn maze experience!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 68 (Halloween/ GIVEAWAY!!!!)

This year I didn't think J would have any idea what he was doing when we took him trick or treating.
But turned out he had a blast and understood every bit!
I wasn't too excited about him being a skeleton this year (it was picked out by a couple friends of ours)
But once we bought the outfit for our dog it worked out perfectly!
It was only 2 days after my surgery but I didn't want to miss this moment with J considering his Daddy couldn't be here either.
This was also his first time to eat candy. And of course, he loved it lol!

I will be posting pictures from our corn maze adventure this weekend!
It was soo much fun!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 65 (I'm Alive!!!)

Alright, so as you can see I'm still alive!!
I was crying my eyes out when I got out of surgery because I was so happy to still be alive and well lol. My doctor's were great and treated me very well!
I have 4 pretty bad scars (larger than expected) but it's not what is causing my pain.
They actually inflate your stomach with gases so they can see, and they didn't get all the gas out when they closed me up. I have a huge pocket right under the incision's that shoots up to my shoulder when I stand. I know each day will get better so I'm not too worried.
They found 8 gallstones the size of a pistachio....yeah HUGE lol. I got to keep 3 ;)
It's sad because I can't lift my son and he's having a really hard time with not being able to cuddle and be in my arms all the time. 
But remember how I said I have exciting news?!?!?!
Did you make any guesses???
Well the hubby found out about 3 weeks ago that he gets to come home 4 months early!!!!
Can't tell ya when...but it's really soon and I'm SOOO excited!
J is going to be so happy and it's going to be great having help recovering and someone to love on J when I can't.

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