My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 65 (I'm Alive!!!)

Alright, so as you can see I'm still alive!!
I was crying my eyes out when I got out of surgery because I was so happy to still be alive and well lol. My doctor's were great and treated me very well!
I have 4 pretty bad scars (larger than expected) but it's not what is causing my pain.
They actually inflate your stomach with gases so they can see, and they didn't get all the gas out when they closed me up. I have a huge pocket right under the incision's that shoots up to my shoulder when I stand. I know each day will get better so I'm not too worried.
They found 8 gallstones the size of a pistachio....yeah HUGE lol. I got to keep 3 ;)
It's sad because I can't lift my son and he's having a really hard time with not being able to cuddle and be in my arms all the time. 
But remember how I said I have exciting news?!?!?!
Did you make any guesses???
Well the hubby found out about 3 weeks ago that he gets to come home 4 months early!!!!
Can't tell ya when...but it's really soon and I'm SOOO excited!
J is going to be so happy and it's going to be great having help recovering and someone to love on J when I can't.

Also, spread the word and get me some more followers...because I'm going to be having a Partylite GIVEAWAY soon!!!!

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