My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, November 29, 2010

Homecoming Pics!!!

So we got to spend 2 weeks together before he had to head home (since I'm staying in Texas till my Mom recovers from surgery.)
We made the best of it and even went on a date! It was wonderful having him home.
J didn't remember him so I'm very thankful he was sent home early or it would have been worse. Luckily J warmed up fast and then wouldn't ever leave his side!!

Look at the way J's looking at him...

That's all I got...but very precious moments caught on camera!

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  1. Yah!!!!!! So exciting!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Beautiful! Stuff about "homecoming" always makes me get a little teary. Thank you to you and your family for all the sacrifices made for our country!!!

  3. I love homecoming pictures!! Warms my heart and makes me smile. So happy for you all. I love the first picture!