My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 72 (Corn maze photos!!)

So I figured I would do this post today because tomorrow I will be in the hospital all day as my Mother goes through surgery. Then Thursday my Hubby arrives and that day will be another post of wonderful homecoming pictures!!! Yay!!

We discovered this corn maze online and it was very worth it!
It will be even better next time when he's a year older and Daddy can be there too!
It was HUGE!

My parents and J in the maze!
We mastered the Maze!!!
The great thing about it because it was sooo big is it had a halfway point where you can leave the maze and go do other events or take a break then enter back at the halfway point to finsh off!

This was the cow train!
It was fun for the kids...but the driver kept running into the corn causing grass/leaves off the corn to fly into your eyes the whole ride..
I suggest you wear goggles!! Lol

I can't get this pic to stay straight up...but it's too cute not to post.
This was the baby maze and he thought it was the craziest thing and kept telling his grammie to come to him instead of him finding his way out to her haha!

YUM! They had the most amazing roasted corn there!
He enjoyed every bite of it!

My little Pumpkin!
At last but not favorite picture

J and the grandparents!!!

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  1. Fun! Love that last picture!

    We found something like this near where we live and the kids had an absolute blast!

  2. Awww looks like a fun time, love the cute expression on his face, full of excitement!