My Journey To Being Happy Again

Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I just got back from an AMAZING conference for Partylite!!
I missed my son soo much but it was totally worth going because I needed a boost in my business!
I literally JUST got home but am so excited about the NEW catalog that I wanted to blog about it so everyone can go check it out!!!! Our products went down in price, and we gained 9 new scents!!! So many new products that are ADORABLE!!
I can't wait to expand my business and achieve my goals!
Go check it out and feel free to shop online and be the first person with the new items!!!
(won't show online until Aug. 20 minutes!!!!!!)

Also, we do fundraisers if you have a business or organization that could use the money!! Your business will earn 50% profit!!! Have a wedding coming up?? Sign up for our registry!! We have a beautiful wedding line!

Hope everyone is doing great I'm going to spend time with my munchkin and hubby and then when I have time I will catch up with everyone's blogs!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


My Husband completed a Triathlon yesterday and I'm soo proud! In the swim he got hit in the head and rib therefore when he got on the bike he lost all his energy. But he fought through it and crossed the finish line!! It was a half mile swim (I think..) an 18 mile bike ride and a 5k run afterwards! He made 81st and his friend completed 42nd! Very happy for him and glad he's not upset that he didn't finish sooner.
 He completed it in 2:20:09!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Counting down???

Okay so normally your counting down the days when your husband comes back into your arms after a long deployment right??
Well I'm counting down the days till he leaves.
I normally jus try not and think about it but I'm soo nervous about this one.
Having a child through this one breaks my heart because Jayden is so young he might not remember him when he returns. Communication is going to be hard. They don't have computers have to take your own and BUY service?! Cell phones won't also have to buy those. This deployment is 2 months longer than the last one. I stayed home last time but this time I'm going to visit family so time goes by faster hopefully and it's not boring here alone.
I know I'm complaining alot huh? I'm just not ready for this yet...and it's next month.

I would love encouragement or if you went through similar things I would like to know how you dealt with it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip to Texas

Well our trip to Texas was a big sucess! My husband was able to see almost ALL family before he gets deployed next month! He hadn't seen them in a year so it was nice!
I have sooo many amazing pictures from there but due to my last 2 post full of pictures I will try and only post a few haha!

We started out in Houston/Galveston
Jayden LOVED the beach!
He also went swimming for the first time in a BIG pool lol.!

We then headed to DFW
We spent all our time with family and letting Jayden bond with everyone.

And then up to Lubbock
He got on a swing set for the first time ever!!
If you have never been to a restaurant like that you need to!!!

Well I think that's enough pictures hahaha. If you can't tell I love taking them!
I have alot to talk about but since it's late I will leave it for a blog tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jayden's 1st Birthday!!! Part 2

I found the picture of the turtle cake!!

Here are some of opening gifts!

Notice he's not really reacting? Lol we were outside all day and he hadn't taken a nap. Not even 2 minutes after opening all of them he fell asleep haha!

Party outside:

walking in the grass for the first time!!!

The way the puppy cooled off hahaha

Sneak Peek of our Texas trip!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jayden's 1st Birthday!!! Part 1 (Cake)

Yes it's almost a month late but we went on a much needed vacation for 3 weeks the day after his birthday lol! So here are some pictures!!

He thought it was SOO funny to put his feet in the cake!
Eating like a dog hahaha.

Not sure why some are big and other's aren't...?

By the WAS a Turtle haha. I realized I haven't downloaded that picture yet. So more to come tomorrow of the rest of the party then a blog will be posted of our Texas vacation!!!