My Journey To Being Happy Again

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trip to Texas

Well our trip to Texas was a big sucess! My husband was able to see almost ALL family before he gets deployed next month! He hadn't seen them in a year so it was nice!
I have sooo many amazing pictures from there but due to my last 2 post full of pictures I will try and only post a few haha!

We started out in Houston/Galveston
Jayden LOVED the beach!
He also went swimming for the first time in a BIG pool lol.!

We then headed to DFW
We spent all our time with family and letting Jayden bond with everyone.

And then up to Lubbock
He got on a swing set for the first time ever!!
If you have never been to a restaurant like that you need to!!!

Well I think that's enough pictures hahaha. If you can't tell I love taking them!
I have alot to talk about but since it's late I will leave it for a blog tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend!


  1. Ok, kinda wierd seeing Shayla & her husband in your pics?!? I did not know y'all were related?!?! HAHA. i follow her blog too. :)

    Glad it was a successful trip! :)

  2. who's that hottie in the dr. seuss shirt??!
    he is smokin'!!! Give him my number ;)


    We are so glad we got to see Tommy before he leaves!!!