My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, July 19, 2010

Counting down???

Okay so normally your counting down the days when your husband comes back into your arms after a long deployment right??
Well I'm counting down the days till he leaves.
I normally jus try not and think about it but I'm soo nervous about this one.
Having a child through this one breaks my heart because Jayden is so young he might not remember him when he returns. Communication is going to be hard. They don't have computers have to take your own and BUY service?! Cell phones won't also have to buy those. This deployment is 2 months longer than the last one. I stayed home last time but this time I'm going to visit family so time goes by faster hopefully and it's not boring here alone.
I know I'm complaining alot huh? I'm just not ready for this yet...and it's next month.

I would love encouragement or if you went through similar things I would like to know how you dealt with it!


  1. Aww never been through this, but much love and prayers for your strength

  2. Thanks for coming to find me:) Love it!!!!

    Just know that we will all be here to help you through your deployment! I know it sucks, especially with kids. They are pretty tough though. I hope your able to soak in every last second of your hubs before he heads out. I wish we could all "pause" time, so we could enjoy it. Instead, it always seems to go on "fast forward"...

    Sending hugs!!!!!!