My Journey To Being Happy Again

Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I just got back from an AMAZING conference for Partylite!!
I missed my son soo much but it was totally worth going because I needed a boost in my business!
I literally JUST got home but am so excited about the NEW catalog that I wanted to blog about it so everyone can go check it out!!!! Our products went down in price, and we gained 9 new scents!!! So many new products that are ADORABLE!!
I can't wait to expand my business and achieve my goals!
Go check it out and feel free to shop online and be the first person with the new items!!!
(won't show online until Aug. 20 minutes!!!!!!)

Also, we do fundraisers if you have a business or organization that could use the money!! Your business will earn 50% profit!!! Have a wedding coming up?? Sign up for our registry!! We have a beautiful wedding line!

Hope everyone is doing great I'm going to spend time with my munchkin and hubby and then when I have time I will catch up with everyone's blogs!!

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  1. Ive just visited your partylite page... they look so wonderful.. would you consider sending to Australia. :)