My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 23 (SKYPE!!/hospital)

I am SOO excited right now!
We are already a little over 3 weeks down! I get to talk to the hubby 2 times a week and then e-mail online as much as wanted.
Tonight I get to go to the MIL house and everyone including J and I get to see the hubby on skype!!
Time has been going by pretty fast and I'm so glad!

On another note:
Remember my hubby's Nana going into surgery and coming out having 2 massive strokes and being paralyzed. Then they told the family to pull the plug because she wouldn't be living very long at all?
Well we are 7 weeks into it and she's doing GREAT!!
Prayer has worked and God is doing miracles. She can squeeze her hands and wiggle her toes, move her neck, and when she laughs she shrugs her shoulders!
All she lost was her motor skills.
She does break down and spell out on the board "Will I ever walk, talk, or go home again?" But she tries to smile alot and make light of the fact that she's still here with us.
Lastnight I broke down though and just realized life can change in a heartbeat and how I would feel if I was in her position.
So live your life to the fullest and tell everyone you love them. Because you never know what tomorrow can bring!

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