My Journey To Being Happy Again

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 05 Makeover

So I'm still new to the whole blogging world but
I finally figured out how to redo my blog without paying!!
How does it look?

Today was a VERY busy day but I had a lovely couple who offered to watch J while I got everything done! So sweet of them! I got everything done with the Mustang and all that needs to be done is take it to get cleaned in the morning then put it on the lot for sale!
Cleaned the whole first level of our home and ran to the bank...where I left me phone and spent 45 minutes at home searching for it haha.
BIG fear of mine when hubby is deployed is to lose my phone.
The first deployment I left it 20 minutes away at a friends only realize I had left it on the top of my car. Found it lying in the middle of a four way stop untouched! Crazy!
They made dinner for me! Yummy chicken wraps!
Once this car is sold I will be able to relax alot more and start focusing on J and God alot more!
Can't wait to increase my relationship with Christ!

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  1. Your blog looks great! I like the new look a lot. I hate it when I lose my phone. I've spend hours looking for it before. Hours!