My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 50!!!!!! (woohoo!!)

Day 50!!
I feel like we have reached a big milestone!
Jayden still remembers him which is great! And were still doing great apart!

Jayden got his first haircut!
It actually wasn't that depressing lol.
We saved some hair in a baggy!
I guess the reason it wasn't too sad is because the lady only trimmed it since Jayden wouldn't sit still at all! At least he didn't cry! Just dodged her every chance he got haha.

(I had the final result pic but it wouldn't dowload...will try again tomorrow)
*Final Result*

Well, this whole blog world is getting depressing.
I rarely ever get any comments now.
Not sure why but it's sad haha.
Is my blog really that bad?!?

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  1. Keep hanging in there girl! You can do this!! Just stay busy and be as positive as possible. Hugs!!