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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 45 (Ultrasound Results..)

So as you should know already...
I was sent in on Thursday to get an ultrasound for the pain I was having in my upper back.
The results were never transferred to the base so I had to go get them myself from the hospital..
Only to find out I have "multiple" gallstones with the largest one being 9mm.
I think they meant to type least I hope lol.
(This isn't my gallbladder but it's an idea of what it looks like with stones)

I am stoked to actually have a doctor find results after 3 years!!!
And I won't have any more pain there!!
But I am extremely nervous.
We have always hoped I would never have to have surgery due to the fact that my body doesn't react the way it should with most meds.

Epidural- couldn't move or feel for 2 days..
Numbing/Sleeping pill for wisdom teeth removal- remember the whole thing and felt every bit
Depo shot- major migraines DAILY
bc pills- skin breaks out

So yes...I'm nervous about being put to sleep.
Everyone is different and who knows...maybe it will work just fine.
All I can do is just pray God protects me and that he guides his hands correctly.
I find out tomorrow who my doctor will be and hopefully when the surgery will be taking place.
This is one of those moments where I wish the hubby was right by my side instead of miles away overseas. Lots of prayers please.

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