My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look if ya wanna laugh a little.

So this past weekend 2 friends of mine came over.
Our nights have consisted of jus hanging out in the backyard by the fire and playing games.
So nothing too exciting yet somehow we have the BEST nights ever.
The things that entertain you when you live in the middle of no where hahaha.
So here are a few of our crazy pictures.

Cahhrrrweeee! (aka Carrie)

The ONLY pic that wasn't blurred out that night haha. My friends Brian and Javi!
Look at my red hair!! Lovin it still!
My pregnant friend Jen....we already decided..she is going to share her baby with me lol.
Without realizing it...I turned this pic into an oreo ad hahaha.
Can you take a guess??
Hahaha this was taken with perfect timing!
I actually just popping her back, nothing more lol.

One of my favorites of the night lol. But I didn't get the memo to not smile haha.
Funny part....she didn't pose for this!
And we were actually talking...didn't mean to make those faces at all but made for a PERFECT picture lol.

 And that's all. Hope at least one made you smile lol.

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