My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winner and weigh-in!

I was supposed to post this lastnight but got busy.
The winner of those fun votive holders is...

Melissa from This Crazy Life!
Send me your address asap so I can get it to you!!

So I weighed in and have lost 4.6 lbs in a week! That is great considering the ONLY thing I have no stress this week!
I have picked up running everyday! The street I live in goes in a perfect square that's exactly a mile! So I'm going to see how this helps in my journey! I'm excited!
I tend to sleep in till my son wakes up which ends up being till from now on I'm waking up at 8 and going running! Gonna start my day early and hope it pays off!
When you really want something you can achieve it!

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