My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, March 12, 2012

Memories (comment and you may win a giveaway)

Once I return home on Saturday I will have a long post getting all my emotions out.
Until then, this is what I'm experiencing this week while back in Missouri.
Memories, memories, memories...
~J was born here
~My first home was here, and is now destroyed and built over
~Our second brand new home is directly across the street from where I'm staying, so when I go anywhere or look out the window it instantly hits me that "I could still be there and living next to my best friend"
~All the relationships I had here have been picked up right where they left off
~Had to ride in the car with my ex husband and have lunch which had ALOT of emotions in which I'll explain in the post on Saturday.
~Being on base makes me miss being a military spouse in SO many ways.
~Driving past tons of locations bring up little memories with people and events that happened the past 5 years.
It's like going home after being gone for a very long time, it's exciting, emotional, sad, but then confusing because I don't know if I'll ever have the chance to come back to all of this. Friends are leaving this base left and right from deployments, orders, or their time being done in the military. I love this place, but it's also where I got hurt the worst. It's been a very trying week and I'm just ready to finish seeing all my friends and family and get home, but then I know I'll be crying the whole drive back because I miss everyone haha.
For those of you that have been stationed somewhere different or maybe been divorced, were you as lucky as I was with keeping most of your friendships? Did you ever get to visit again or your friends visit you?
I was at a very low point when leaving here and am now happy with my life, not angry at the people who hurt me, and ready to move on and find someone who love my son and I (if you know of anyone let me know ;)) lol but everyone here has noticed that and it shows me alot about how God has worked in my life to not be bitter. It's been 10 months, I never expected to be over this, but am so glad that I am. I'm trying my best to take all these memories in and turn them positive, just need to keep it going for 5 more days!

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  1. That looks delicious!

    I haven't been divorced or a military wife-but i do know the hardships of moving away. And trying to keep up relationships with friends. It's been kinda 50/50 for me.
    Good for you for turning your experiences into positive ones!