My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Melting Pot!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!
Absolutely amazing!
We were able to go on a double date lastnight...(only our 2nd with out the baby)
This is a place that you would only go once or twice a year...
but the Melting's great!
We had the "Date Night" special
how it works is you have fondue pots in front of you and for your appetizer you pick which cheese dip you would like then they give you bread, veggies, apples, and chips to dip in it!
Then you get any salad you choose..
then comes the meal....nothing is cooked because you cook it yourself in the pot in which you choose which sauce to cook your food in. It's absolutely amazing!
Then comes the best part...
Cheesecake, bananas, strawberries, rice crispies, brownies, pound cake, and marshmellows (graham cracker covered and oreo covered!)
All in which you get to dip in your choice of chocolate!!!

We chose Yin Yang...

and the Flaming Turtle!
Chocolate, Caramel, and Pecans

What's the result....two happy, stuffed people haha.
If you haven't been there I suggest you try it!


  1. Oh I know! Isn't the Melting Pot awesome?! I'm glad you got to try it.

  2. My mouth is watering for some Melting Pot now. Isn't it the yummiest! FYI..if you sign up for their mailing list when your there, you will get email updates on specials they offer. That is when I hit it up!!!!!

  3. How fun! I heart the melting pot. It is so good and romantic! I wish they had one at this duty station. Love the pictures!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! So cute. I love the Melting Pot too. That chocolate looked amazing! New follower and just wanted to say hi = ) Happy weekend!