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Friday, December 17, 2010

1 more week!

The hubby gets to come get us on Thursday!!!
I'm soo excited! He will be spending Christmas with us then we head back to Missouri the next day!
We have been with his family for a few days and will be until next week.
J has latched on to Tommy's brother. (They look alike)
It sad but cute at the same time because it lets me know he will go straight to his Daddy when he see's him!
Remember me talking about his Nana having surgery then coming out paralyzed?
Well...I'm with her now and it's amazing!
She can now nod her head yes and no and hold it up. She can wave her fingers on one hand and her middle finger on the other one hahaha.
She will tense her legs up every once in awhile just to stretch.
She is fully off the breathing machine. But still on a feeding tube until she recieves a swallow test.
And did I mention she is now home?!?! 
For someone to be told they are permanently paralyzed from nose down...then be doing this..WOW!
The family has taken in alot now having to take care of her 24/7 but it's such a blessing to even still have her around when we were told she wouldn't live past 2 days. It's been 5 months and she's getting stronger every day! God your amazing and your miracle is being seen!
I will be posting a picture of her with J as soon as I get home in a few weeks!
Hope everyone got their Christmas shopping done!
Can't believe it's just around the corner.
Oh didn't? You need some last minute items?
lol, go check out my website we got a brand new 2011 catalog that came out yesterday!!!!
I want almost all our new items haha! SOOO excited about this year! WONDERFUL scents too!

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