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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Look at the postive

So I'm sure some of you noticed on the top of my blog I have a ticker for my weight loss progress.
I have been with a trainer for 2 months (being out for 2 weeks from surgery and then going easy for another 2 weeks) and my main goal is losing weight. If you have been keeping track you might notice it keeps jumping up and down. I haven't changed it this week because I don't weigh in until tomorrow.
Well I had a minor break down and wasn't understanding how when I work my butt off at the gym...I wasn't dropping weight like crazy. My trainer calmed me down and told me that I had...the scale won't show it though. Umm...okay...why? I gained muscle!! So if I'm staying the same weight yet I have gained 3-6 lbs in muscle...then that means I lost 3-6lbs in fat. If only the scale would say that huh lol. 
When I look at myself, I see stretch marks and baby fat left....then "bat wings" lol.
So the other day I put on jeans that I jus happened to not wear for 2 weeks and they were loose on my legs and bootie!!!!! I can't tell the difference when looking at myself but my clothes show it!   
It's nice to see a breaking point and realize that I am making a difference!
I only have 10 more workouts with him before I leave to go back home.
Makes me nervous but I do feel like I have learned alot and will be okay when I go back and keep up with the program. Of course I will need my hubby's support...but seeing this progress gives me motivation to stick with it and excited for the turn out!

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  1. Go you! How your jeans fit is always a better indicator than the scale. :)