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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So in one of the recipes for a smoothie it called for regular fat-free Greek yogurt.
The book tells you to ALWAYS try everything at least once.
So I have, and let me tell you...that yogurt is nasty!!!!
It absolutely ruined the smoothie.
Maybe it's because I like sweet things...not tart. And, yogurt has always been a struggle of mine to enjoy unless it's flavored or whipped.
Any suggestions on a healthy yogurt I could substitute it with?
Another thing I tried that I have always hated was mushrooms.
I was to make Portobello Pizza's.
Instead of use the mushroom.
I will admit, I liked 3 out of the 4 I ate.
1 of them just tasted like pure mushroom...ew!
Have you ever heard of Jicama?
Let me tell you....deeelicious snack!
You slice it up and can eat it raw or cook them.
You can replace it for carrotts and celery or even eat it with them. that I have shared my interesting meals this week, I guess it's time to share how the process is going huh?

I lost another 2 lbs in a week!!! The book has you walk 20 minutes the first day and then adds 2 more minutes every day after. Once you done it walks you through stretches the first 8-10 days then adds in weights later. Just from the stretches I'm sore!! The meals are easy to stick with because it changes constantly leaving you curious to how things taste! Also, the workouts/stretches change daily too so your not bored with the same thing everyday.
I have 4 weeks until I put on the bridesmaid dress that is being made for me. I hope to have lost at least 7 more pounds by then! Let's see if I can reach that goal!

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  1. Jicama??? never heard of it, what is it next to in the super market??? give me someting I can work with like tomato not some random herb Ive never heard of so I can search for it (you have experienced my lack of grocery store knowledge)

    never had greek yogurt, but I have a greek friend! LOL I eat the yoplait lite yogurt- LOVE them, I buy bags of granola/granola cereal and pour 1/4 cup in a bowl add one of the things of yogurt, stir it up and at it for lunch every day. I always feel full, and it is way healthy!