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Monday, August 22, 2011

To BC or not to BC...that is the question

Alright, my sister-n-law has been reminding me that I'm slacking on posting!
I have been trying to catch up on my school work, lose weight for the wedding coming up, and enjoying alone time with my son, so I have put blogging on the back burner :/
I needed to post today but honestly am blank on what to say hahaha
Sooo the ONLY thing that popped in my mind that I have been trying to figure out recently is whether or not to get on BC.
I have been off for almost a year. When I got off I had 2 to 3 cycles a month, and then about 5 months later it switched to no cycle for 4 months but has been right on track the past 2!
I'm no longer married, not in a relationship, and don't need any more kids running around until I am married again. Today I had one of the WORST cramps ever, and I have never had bad cramps. My acne has also been really wild since then too.
I used to be on the depo shot until it gave me migraines daily for months, then switched to the pill which I tended to forget every once in awhile.
Do I get on it to help with cramps and acne and a steady cycle, or just not even attempt it?!?
Opinions please, and maybe advice on what kinds you prefer?!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I told you what I use on another post. Talk to our big sis, she uses something different and she LOVES it. She recommended it to me and I think after kids I will try it, but for now I'll stick with the pill.

    Of course, if you don't NEED it, and your cycle is totally normal. I wouldn't take it at all. Why put more chemicals in your body if it isn't needed?