My Journey To Being Happy Again

Sunday, January 1, 2012's here!!!

Yes, I know....I said I was back on track with posting regularly and then stopped for another 3 months.
It's terrible!!! My New Years resolution is to blog at least once every week this year!!! Keep me accountable people!! Haha.

Here are the things I experienced in 2011 that I'm extremely happy to be saying bye to!
  • Being lied to and cheated on by my spouse
  • Getting a divorce
  • Going through alot of alcohol thinking it would solve all the problems
  • Moving away from all my "Military Family"
  • Not having a job all year besides Partylite
  • Getting a certificate in Medical Billing & Coding
  • Going up and down with my weight...more up than down :/
  • My Son having anxiety attacks from the divorce
Here are the things I can't wait to experience in 2012!!!

  • Been experiencing dating again, feels good, but not so much natural yet
  • Staying alcohol free except on occassions in which I won't over indulge lol
  • I get to visit my Military Family in February!!!
  • I got accepted into Dental Assistant school and start in Jan!!
  • I will "hopefully" have my certificate in Medical Billing & Coding within 3 weeks
  • Get to experience a Mission Trip to Slovakia, Vienna, and one other place in May!!!!!!!!!
  • Plan to stick with my trainer and do 3-4 workouts a week, no strict diet, and lose 15 lbs with a dream goal of 35 lbs
  • My Son is set up with a Child Play Therapist and fingers crossed he gets the help needed because I hate seeing him in so much emotional pain.
I'm STOKED for the new year and believe there's many wonderful things coming our way! Hope y'all have alot to look forward to also!!

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  1. EEK! I cannot believe this! You BLOGGED! I'm so proud of you :D

    I feel the need to be your blogging accountability partner. So. . .you are screwed, because if I can do anything it's annoy people until they blog!

    Also, I believe that you should post pics of J here BEFORE facebook, so I can know and see them FIRST! Since I'm your sister and other people aren't. . .just saying. Oh ALSO we need our big sis to jump on this bandwagon!

    Boo for the bad stuff. . .mainly pickle shots
    YEAH for the good stuff ;) Excited for you this year :D