My Journey To Being Happy Again

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sneak Peek!!!

Okay so since I haven't figured out which ones I want colored or b&w I am only going to post SOME of our pictures from our photoshoot. Then I will do an overload of the rest haha. I LOVE them and am very happy with them...although I had a migraine that day...therefore I was slightly swollen in the face...and the hairspray didn't stay since it was extremely windy. But all in all...I think they are great and will be good memories!
Mr. Serious!

April 2010

So far this is my favorite!!!

Kisses for our lil man!

Well that's enough sneak peeks lol! The rest will be posted in a day or 2 so be looking for it!!


  1. ok, you're going to kill me, i accidentally deleted your original question on formspring, but i know it was about problems you were having w/ dizziness & headaches... could you send me the link to that post again, i can't find it? And maybe ask the question again? LOL. you can email me:

    I'm sorry! HAHA! & i'm no expert, but maybe i'll be able to help! LOL.