My Journey To Being Happy Again

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's almost been a week since I posted anything. Geez...I need to get better at this haha. So much has happened this week it's crazy!

Lastnight someone tried busting in my door about 2 seconds after my Husband left for work. I was terrified considering I was sitting right next to it with my son asleep in my arms. But so thankful I had all the doors locked. Normally I lock them on my way to bed. They stayed there shaking the door and looking thru the windows for about 20 minutes before they finally left. I called my Husband which sent help 30 minutes later. Should have called the cops lol.

On a good note! I got someone to work under me! My first consultant! I need 5 more for me to become a leader! I'm soo excited for my business to grow!!! I didn't hit my personal goal last month but the next 3 months are going to be grrreat!! They have an awesome deal going for the consultants! Basically you earn points an jus a few ideas that you can trade those points in for are...Washer & Dryer Machine, Bike, Vacations, Huge TV, Dishes, Purses, Workout Machines....gosh the amazing list goes on!!

Today is April fools and I didn't do anything to my Husband....any ideas for when he wakes up?? He works night shift so I will have all day to set something up! He won't be expecting it at all because the only time we actually participate is when my Mom is around haha. She is very sneaky and creative!

Well everyone have a Terrific Thursday!!

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