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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't wanna walk!

So when I was pregnant Tommy promised me that he would be my trainer to get me back into shape and I had the baby. He decided to give me a 6 month break afterwards. NOT a good idea. This picture of 4 months after having Jayden.About a month ago he bought be a Jillian Michaels DVD, work out mat, weights, and a in place bicycle. I started going on walks with a friend who also had a baby but was never feeling a burn. So yesterday as I'm sitting down watching t.v. (which in order to do that you can't miss looking at the dvd) I finally decided to put it in and work out.
It's called "30 day shred with Jillian Michaels" WOW I am soooo sore today. It has 3 different levels but the first level was torture. Maybe it's because I had a baby and haven't lifted a weight since. Not sure, because I used to work out everyday. I made it through the whole 20 minutes. But I am realizing I have to do it again today...and I'm having trouble jst walking up the stairs haha.

I'm determined to lose this baby fat tho. I lost a total of 45lbs since having him in June. So any ideas...let me know!!

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  1. Oh girrrrl I need to lose weight to I actually am doing this crash diet where I only eat 2 meals a day if that because I need this weight to go go go away by May lol..Last time I did this I lost 30lbs I totally understand this is NOT the way to go but it works for me..