My Journey To Being Happy Again

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The smallest gestures!

So yesterday I either pulled or tore my calf muscle while working out. Lovely huh? I can hardly walk it hurts so bad. My Husband decided to show me up and do the workout...he made it all the way thru but was in pain afterwards haha. Looks like I found my workout partner!

So my son is saying Mama and Dada and actually knows what it means now!! I was on skype with my parents lastnight and J was laying on my chest and my Dad said "how does that feel?" Made me want to cry because he would always tell us kids we used to do that with him but then we grew out of it and rarely gave him hugs and kisses. Guess you don't realize how important that stuff is until your a parent yourself!

Well I'm in my last brite start month for Partylite and for those of you that don't know. The first 3 months of you starting if you reach certain goals you get free products! So my goal this month is $1,000 and the month is almost over. If your interested in ordering anything or even just looking at my website go to and there will always be a link posted on the side of my blog for future orders! I'm so glad I found this job because it allows me to be with my son yet make enough money for us to enjoy things without going into our savings or the money my Husband makes!!


  1. Aw I know your leg has to hurt Ouch...I'm going to have to check out your website..

  2. Your website is so cute how do you become a Consultant I would love to do that in my free time could you E-mail me about it.. Like what all you have to do and stuff...