My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The past week

So in the past week a number of events have happened and I'm still not sure I have really realized what's going on lol.
  • My 9 month old son just started walking!!
  • We were told my Husband will probably be discharged from the AF due to an injury.
  • Now he is getting deployed in Sept. of this longer being discharged.
  • My Husband decided this week that he wants to stay in the military and retire.
  • I was told my grandmother is on hospice care.

I love being a military wife and have no problem with this decision. But I realize with that will come the time when we will be moved overseas for 4 yrs at the least. I'm not excited about that because I am so close to my family it will be extremely hard to be that far away. And phone calls/travel is exspensiveeee.

This will be our 2nd deployment this time around and normally would be easier...but now we have a son involved..and his deployment will be 2 months longer than last time. I will be home with family probably 3 of the 7 months. And back here working the other 4. When being told he couldn't deploy again I was happy knowing he was safe. But in a week everything changed. I'm sure my emotions won't really hit me till the time is closer.

My Grandmother I haven't seen for years because she hasn't been doing well for quite awhile. But because of that I believe her time has came. She doesn't remember anyone hardly. We used to be very close and it's hard knowing that anytime she could be gone. But I hope it will be a peaceful reunion with God!

Jayden walking has been such a joy!! He gets soo excited when he starts to take steps! People say I should be worried now but because he learned early he isn't tall enough to get into anything or quick enough to get out the door lol. And duty calls and I need to go change his diaper haha. Hope to get some followers soon so I'm not talking to myself this whole time lol.


  1. im so excited for Jayden!!! Does this mean your DH will be home until september??? as in can he come to the wedding???

    I have a blog list titled "she who waits also serves" ALL of those blogs underneath are Milwife blogs!

  2. no problem girl! its weird and tricky at first but its worth it in the end!! you will meet some amazing ladies!!!!! it might even help you through your deployment!!

    And yes you are doing GREAT for 12 hours haha I didnt even have any blog design for like a month!!! I'm just now getting better at making good posts and such

  3. Hey Kaycee I'm a new follower of your blog as well your little man is so handsome...I'm luckey I haven't had to go through a deployment yet but my hubby is gone until May he left Monday he's in Basic so I can't wait to see him..I Love your blog by the way their are so many military spouses out there to help you get through this...If you ever need anything to talk,vent,cry or anything my E-mail is