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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brides, Brides, BRIDES!!!!

Today has been crazy in soo many ways!
I got to set up a Partylite booth at a Bridal Show today and it was alot of fun!
I was extremely nervous since this was my first time, but I got warmed up after about the 6th bride came by hahaha. It's crazy to see the different ages that came in and then to see their wedding date.
Alot were getting married in October...but then you saw the couples that just got engaged and were getting married in March!
Talk about a rush lol!
It was awesome to see their future Husband's there too!!!
Of course they all flew to the food/music booths, but seriously?? Props to them for coming because I know my husband would HATE it if I made him come along lol.
Now that I'm home and exhausted and FREEZING!!!
I am running on 5 hours of sleep, and were about to have a huge ice/snow storm the next few days.
So I will be in my home...catching up with these brides and entertaining my son till we can even try getting out of the house on Wednesday.
Well, enjoy a few pics from our bridal line while I go make some hot chocolate!!!!!

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