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Friday, January 21, 2011

Possible Job choice....advice please!!!!

Okay, so the past couple months I have realized how being a stay at home mom is GREAT, but I really need time to myself.
I need to make my own money so I feel like I'm putting work in too, and have enough money to be able to use for our random "hey let's go to the city and shop" days!
Don't get me wrong, be a mom is a full-time job.
But I never get a break.
Were wanting to have another baby sometime this year or next.
When is it a good time to go to school?
While I'm pregnant...or after the 2nd baby is born, or now while it's just J?
I want to be a Dental Assistant!
I have thought alot about it and I think it's something I will be good at and something that I won't get bored doing or feel like I'm putting in more work than what I'm getting paid. Because, the pay is awesome!!!
Have any of you looked into that? Or are any of you in dental??
Pros and Cons please?!?!
They have a free dental class on base so I won't have to pay for school!! Woohoo!
All I have to do it decide when to go, since I will obviously have to put J (or 2nd baby) in daycare.
Only sad thing about getting this job is I have always said I NEVER wanted my child in daycare because I used to be a preschool teacher and I know how to teach him myself and want the excitement in seeing all of his "firsts".
Any advice?


  1. Deciding to go back to work is definately a tough decision. If it helps, I'm choosing not to go back to work (if I can help it) until we have our second child and they're both in school.
    I know someone who became a dental assistant... and she can't find any work. At all. She said that the market is overly saturated and there are very few available jobs out there. I'd definately ask your school about that. Best of luck!

  2. I am currently not a mom, but I am going back to school right now. I think that the best time to do it is right now. You know that once you have a second baby, your life will be much more hectic. Even though you want to finish school, you may decide that you want to continue to be a stay at home mom and not go back. Do it now, before life is more hectic and you have two babies to pull your attention away.

  3. You just need to weigh whether or not the extra money for your "let's go in to town and shop days" is worth putting your child in daycare... which you admit you don't really want to do. The choice is yours and there really is no right and wrong (unless God tells you one way or the other). So you get to decide which you would rather sacrifice.

    You can always go back to school when the kids are in school.

    And there are plenty of ways to get time away from the kids without getting a job or needing to put them in daycare.

    There are also plenty of ways to "make" money while being a stay at home mom. I do all kinds of bargain hunting, saying no, cutting expenses, finding cheaper activities and currently I am learning about couponing to cut the grocery bill. I consider those kinds of things my financial contribution to the family. That's how I "make" money.

    And that is my two cents... since ya asked. Feel free to ignore it all. :)