My Journey To Being Happy Again

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feels soo good!

I am SO excited that I found a friend here that needs to lose the same amount of weight as me and has the same type of body!
I went to workout with her yesterday and she let me lead it and teach her what I used to do with my trainer in Texas.
It felt wonderful to get back in the gym and in addition go to the sauna afterwards!
She is one who doesn't normally stick with things but we are being eachothers support system so I'm crossing my fingers that this works out!!
I'm sore today but still going to workout tonight with her! Then tomorrow were taking a break and having another Ladie's Night!
I'm 6lbs down and still have 24 to go but I truely feel like this is my year to lose it!!
That's IF we don't plan on having a baby soon haha.

Just a little picture to make you want to show off your pearly whites!!

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