My Journey To Being Happy Again

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giveaway cancelled

Right now is your chance to enter my giveaway.
If noone does then it will be over tonight.

Had a good night for New Years! Spent it with great friends!
Surprisingly J stayed up till the ball dropped then went to bed lol. Almost like he knew what was going on.
And thank goodness it didn't bite me in the butt. He slept in till 11!!!!
We did have a surprise when we woke up though.
J is covered in red spots. He had a fever 2 days ago and yesterday had diarrhea. Then this. You can't feel them so I believe that exempts chicken pox but I'm not sure. Because it's the weekend we can't get him in the doctor and I am not going to the ER because he doesn't have fever. I will watch him carefully. Let's just hope it's something small and can be fixed.
Maybe it's a bigger reaction to what he had last year, meaning they will finally find out if he's allergic to something?!?! I hope so, that way we can stop this!

Hope everyone had a blast lastnight!!
Start your year out right and make sure you stick to your resolution!!!

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