My Journey To Being Happy Again

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Everything little thing's gonna be alright!

Have you entered the CSN GIVEAWAY?!?!?! 
So when I arrived in Missouri things seemed to be a disaster!
The house was a mess, but now we have deep cleaned the whole downstairs and my hubby cleaned and organized the garage!! Yay!
I had to cancel my membership with the gym in Texas, and oh my gosh, I have never seen anything more ridiculous in my life!! The manager told me when I moved back it would be fine, I only needed mail with my MO address. When I went to cancel it was a different manager and she said she needed proof that my husband was being stationed in MO. I said, ummmm we have been there for 4 year, I left temporarily while he was deployed. And she still demanded orders!! Soo now that were back T faxed his orders to where he was deployed hoping that will work, we still haven't heard from them but they are going to charge us on Friday if the orders are not what they wanted. Pathetic!!!
I also had to deal with insurance and getting my car looked at for the accident I was in leaving Texas. Done deal now and they are fixing it tomorrow and fully paying for it since it was the other persons fault!!
I love getting a rental!!!
My husband and I have realized there needs to be a date night, ladies night, and guys night every week!
I had my first Ladie's night at my house the other day and it was amazing!!! I could tell with how much everyone talked that we ALL needed a night out! Everyone loved it so it's going to continue! Yay! Friends are soo important to me!
Also, I have been wanting to get my business really up and running this year so my first show in 2011 is tonight and I hope it goes really well!!!
Want to help me reach my goal??
You can!!!!
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  1. gym memberships are always a hassle to get out of! I used to work at a gym and I would hear the arguments sometimes :(

    I didn't hear about the accident, I'm glad it wasnt anything serious, and yall are good!