My Journey To Being Happy Again

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seriously, a mini van?!?

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So I'm not sure how everyone feels about mini vans...
All I know is I NEVER in a million years saw me driving one.
What did we get for a rental??
A Town & Country Chrysler (mini van)
BUT, it is amazing on the inside!!!
Multiple DVD players w/ headphones, heated seating front &back, reverse camera (my made up name for it lol) it's the tv that shows you what's behind you, shades that pull down to cover windows, automatic doors open/close, chairs fold down into floor, they also turn around and a table pops up IF you get the luxury edition, and lots more!!! Wow! Would have never guessed lol.
I do feel like a soccer mom when driving it though haha.
But we have a week to enjoy it, then back to the good ole explorer!


  1. I LOVE my mini van! I know lots of people who swear to never own one but they are really really great.

  2. I have the Dodge caravan and its basically the same, with all the features, and I was just like you, but it is amazing, so easy with the automatic doors and trunk, mine also has auto start which is awesome. Everyone always thinks I'm driving my moms car lol. But I love it!

  3. that's what my pastor in euless had, we totally busted out the table on the way back from youth camp!

    Only problem...spare tire was UNDER the front of the van!