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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Before I post these pictures I will just warn you, my camera is MIA and so all of these were taken off my phone causing the lighting to be awful and our faces to look very...oily lol.

I have to say, this year my Birthday weekend was excellent!!
Normally there is always someone there to ruin it, or something bad happens. But this year went perfect!
Well, almost.
On Saturday we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory to eat dinner and then head over to the Crown Center for some outdoor Ice Skating!!!
As the plan sounded great...we got there and because they don't take reservations it ended up being a 3 hour wait until we got seated. We walked around the Plaza for other restaurants but they all had the same wait time. So, we just hung out on the stairs inside the CF...seriously the place was packed, people were standing/sitting everywhere. Finally, the bartender said there were open seats at the bar to go sit and wait. So we did...and oh my, we drank and ordered appetizers! GREAT idea! It took the edge off and noone cared about waiting that long anymore.

Cheesy, I know lol!
Once we were seated the food came fast and was deeeelicious might I add, and then Rees'es Cheesecake was AMAZING!! They even sang to me and put a pink candle in the whip cream! Didn't think to take a picture until it was half eaten lol.
By the time we were done eating the Ice Skating rink was closed so we planned to go cosmic bowling.
We had a blast and all lost to my Hubby on both games lol.

This is what you get when one is going on about 8 drinks, and the other is ur tipsy husband who hates pictures. They kept saying "Our Space" and pushing my hand away when I touched the back of MY SEAT. Hahaha. Crazy guys but love them both!
Once we got home around 3am I went to pick up J at his babysitter's and this is what I walked into..

Sooo cute! Him and his friend M holding hands.

So on my actual Birthday (V-day) I decided to just relax and spend it with the hubby!
I did go to the gym though and get in a good workout!
He made me my favorite dinner and a cake!!!

Says Happy V/B Day 22
(Valentine's/ Birth) Day for those that don't get it lol.
I thought it was cute! AND it was CHERRY!!!!

I bought J a teddy bear for vday that he pulled off the shelf and hugged all through-out the store lol. And J picked out a gumball heart machine to give to his Daddy! Then I recieved Roses!!!

This year I am in a VERY good place with my friends! God has shown me who is in my life for the right reasons and every single one of them has a different personality and understand me in a different way! I Love all of them and am soo blessed! It took 22 years to get to this point, but I'm thankful I learned this early to let go of the one's that don't care!

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