My Journey To Being Happy Again

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's GIVEAWAY!!!

So even though Valentine's is my birthday ;)
I have decided to do a lovely giveaway!
The winner will be picked randomly on Monday!!

Just be a follower of me
and leave a comment about your favorite part of Valentine's Day!!
The winner will get to choose from this one "Passion Fruit" or a Red one "Apple Allure!"
Be sure to leave that in the comment or pink!
That easy!

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  1. To me, the best thing about Valentines day is spending the night at home, with my fiancee, dog, and cat. We absolutely HATE going out on V-Day, as it is typically too busy. Of course, this year, I have to work 4p-1a so its not line we would be able to go out anyway. Red is my preference.

  2. We don't do much for vday. I think right now my favorite thing is how much Liza is loving making hearts for everyone. :) Red.

  3. We aren't too big on Valentines Day, but we do make sure to take a little extra time to make sure we know how much we love each other. Life can get so busy and it's nice to take a little time to really focus on each other. That would be my favorite thing.
    Thanks for doing a giveaway.. they are always fun! Pink :)