My Journey To Being Happy Again

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Set back :(

If you haven't noticed yet, my weightloss ticker just jumped from 6 lbs down to 2 lbs down :(
The snow kept me inside for a whole week and then I have gained more muscle with the workouts I have chosen to do the past 2 weeks.
Although, I did weigh in fully clothed and at 6pm which can cause a higher weight.
So I will double check today when in the gym.
But I'm not going to let it bring me down!
Monday two of my friends that box and fight helped me out and said they would train me!!!
No, not to fight or wrestle anyone lol but to spend 30 minutes hitting mits and doing MAJOR cardio!
I'm soooo excited! My arms are killing me just from the practice so I'm sure today is going to be tough but I believe I'm so excited that I won't give up lol.
This is just another step into losing the baby weight and lookin good ;)

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