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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Droppin it!

On Monday I went with my friend to the gym and they were closing in 6 minutes so we quickly burned 25 calories and then left haha. We decided to weigh ourselves and I had gained 5 a week.
Then it clicked that I had literally just finished my 'cycle' and I was probably fluctuating.
So today I weighed again after my workout 'which isn't the best time to weigh, but the only time I was by the scale that is correct lol' and I had lost 2.6 lbs since Monday!!!
So I made my starting weight higher on here...and am starting over.
The next 12 days I am hitting it hard in the gym!
Working out 5 days a week in the gym and boxing 3 of those days.
Drinking only water, tea on occasion.
NO sweets except on weekend.
Why am I going hard for 12 days you might ask....because I'm leaving for a week and more than likely won't be able to do my workouts as hard, plus I want to look decent for people I haven't seen in forever! Lol!
Today I was friend has been AMAZING at helping me with boxing.
He really knows how to push me harder everytime and encourage me!
Honestly without my friends, this weight probably wouldn't be coming off.
Can't wait to share my next weigh in on Monday!! Woohoo!!

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