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Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Chance HELP!!!

Okay I wanted to announce a winner....but I need HELP first!!!!!!
When I go to to choose a winner. I can't figure out how to show the picture of the generator on here. So if you know PLEASE let me know asap so I can announce a winner and everyone will believe I didn't cheat haha.
Didn't enter the Valentine's Giveaway???
Last chance...enter NOW!!

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  1. When the screen with the number generator is up click your "print screen" button on your keyboard. (Mine is in the top row after all the F keys and it says "PrtSc" in case that helps.) Then open your photo editor or paint I think would work too and paste it there. You can crop it to the size you want and save it then load it to your blog. Hope that helps. It took me forever to figure it out too.